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Emphasis on Language

We believe that the grasping power is the sharpest at an early stage of the brain’s development. Exposing our children to a new world of words and phonics boosts their vocabulary and builds self-confidence by helping them be more communicative and expressive. We have teachers who have been specially trained to hand hold your kids thoroughly, they do so by putting to use a variety of engaging and pedagogical methods of learning.

At Little Champions Nursery, all children are exposed to Arabic classes in order to establish fluency. The duration of the language class varies as per age group.

Reading leads to reeling

We value the art of reading at Little Champions, it has a direct impact on the child’s visual and imaginative skills. We make sure that our children are exposed to a minimum of 3 rounds of reading every day. May it be storybooks, newspapers, songs, signs or print, we emphasize on all methods of reading equally. Reading also has an impact in developing the child’s cognitive brain, it helps them get used to seeing print and recognizing shapes well. Exposure to a variety of books allows them to touch pages and ask questions like “what will happen next?” and “how is the character feeling?

We, at Little Champions, will always make an honest effort at enabling print medium to satiate the child’s curiosity and induct investigation through play

Musical minds

At Little Champions, we believe that music is that form of art that aids all forms of early learning. We include music as a medium of teaching. Through pretend play and circle time, we introduce the world of rhythm, musical notes and melody to our children.

Water play / Champ’s garden

Play time is always encouraged at Little Champions! If not now, when will kids be carefree and casual? We have a specially designed outdoor water play area which is used when the weather is suitable enough for kids to have some play time. And when cold winds set in, children will be engaged in various gardening activities to build empathy towards the environment. We engage them in creating key spaces to engage all five senses in understanding the ecological system, nourish their sense of curiosity and observe the wonders of nature firsthand. We grow our veggies and indulge in seasonal gardening as a part of this activity.

Destination of dialogues

We emphasize a lot on children having open dialogues with each other and us about various topics of their interest. As thought starters, we have built interactive walls with aspects of music, art, being a part of a busy world, various sensorial experiences as a part of the wall for children to observe and get inspired to dialogue collectively. We ensure that every day at the nursery covers a wide variety of topical points, subjects and conversations that enables the kids to face the world more confidently, and with an intent that our young graduates continue to build on their inquisitiveness for the rest of their lives