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Digital updates

We ensure smooth communication with parents on a regular basis, about their child’s progress in their learning journey. We have eased out this channel of communication by letting parents engage with us on an app which sends out daily updates and constant reminders of their child’s time at Little Champions.

Year books

We give out year books to all our kids to record, highlight, and commemorate their memories and achievements in the past year of a school. We believe that this builds a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in the hearts of the kids and their parents, for the year that has gone by.

Preschool assessment

The EYFS statutory framework has called for a “2-year check” followed by one every successive year until the child’s 5th birthday, which is usually carried out by the class teacher. The assessments are classroom-based observations rather than any academic testing. The assessment is based on the early learning goals that evaluate the child’s progress on various
engaging and interactive parameters

Observation and documentation

The Reggio Emilia approach focuses on children’s experiences, memories, thoughts and ideas in the course of their work. Teachers observe and document children’s work with great care and attention, to both the content and the aesthetics. Teachers continue to observe and document the progress during a project’s assessment process, and this makes it possible for them to sustain the child’s learning along with improvising on their teaching skills. Documentation is done for identifying a child’s strengths and thought process, while the same is used to scaffold a child’s learning

Termly Report Cards

Termly report cards are given out, that summarize your child’s progress in regular intervals as per development milestones. These are sent by email prior to parent, a week prior to the parent-teacher’s meetings. This gives you an opportunity to ensure you have time with the teaching team to discuss your child’s progress.

Monthly parent-teacher’s meeting

Parent teacher’s meeting is held once in every month. Parents are invited to meet the class teacher and discuss various aspects of growth and improvement in the child, with the teacher along with any other points of discussion that they feel is relevant to their child’s academics.