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Safe Guarding & Protection

Little Champions Nursery has policies and procedures in place to provide for the safeguarding of your child’s interests and we take our responsibility very seriously. This ensures we do all that we can to protect your child from any kind of abuse and to take appropriate action if any such abuse occurs, from within and outside the organization. All staff at Little Champions Nursery receive basic child protection training as a part of their training schedule. In addition to this, our campus is also fully secured with CCTV cameras to ensure everyone’s safety.

This includes the procedure of spotting signs and behaviors of the abuse and abusers, recording and reporting concerns and creating a safe and secure environment for children to grow and learn in the nursery.

If you would like more details or wish to discuss any concerns, please contact our designated Child Protection Officer (CPO), who is the Centre Director at the nursery.

Additionally, we highly recommend child pick-up and drop-off to be done by either of the parents or by any authorized person who is identified by the parents. In case of a third person’s involvement, the nursery should be informed well in advance.

Security is one of the prime focuses of the nursery space. Our features include

Smart card access for entry
CCTV in classrooms
Trained practitioners who are working together to highlight, mitigate and manage issues thereby reducing negative impacts
Ensuring children are being picked up by the correct adult (if it is someone other than a parent or a previously authorized person)
A security password system
There are a number of safety/ security checks completed on site each day
Health and safety risk assessments
Spot checks and fire safety (either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis)
Parents are partners and we ask you to refrain from leaving the main access points and gates open