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Director’s Message

Hi, welcome to the LCN family! I am so happy to have you here with your child.
It’s with pride that I introduce you to our little nursery which I took over in the year 2019. Since then, the effort has been to nurture the nursery environment including the students and staff with the values that I believe in, with an intention to make the nursery a home away from home for all. From a mere EYFS nursery, we have evolved to become a nursery that builds on the natural curiosity of children & blooms their desire to explore in a unique, nature infused curriculum.
Originally hailing from Abu Dhabi, I have worked in Hamad Medical Corporation, in Occupational Therapy. I have always wanted to work in teaching, especially in early childcare since I have always believed that tapping on children’s potential at an early age sets a sturdy path for their progress. I have worked as a nursery teacher for 4yrs earlier. I love the approach at Little Champions Nursery, it’s unconventional yet result oriented, unlike the traditional approach. Being a gulf raised kid, I believe that this system and pedagogy is important for the holistic wellness of our children.
Me and my team make a promise to bring your child up with utmost care, love and compassion and treat him/her as one amongst us. We will ensure that he/she flies out with bold, bright & beautiful dreams.


Little Champions Nursery