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Who are we?

Little Champions Nursery is a stand-alone individually owned, eco-nursery nested in the residential area of Abu Hamour. We offer a nature-rich British curriculum with a strong foundation of EYFS woven together with the Reggio Emilia approach, Montessori methodologies and Inspire approach.
We aim to instill in our children an awareness of their surroundings and a sense of responsibility through various programs. Our nursery is designed to integrate nature within the possible area of the building and surroundings.

Our Vision

The vision of Little Champions Nursery is to establish love for learning in both children as well as their families, by providing a holistic curriculum and skill set that prepares your children to confidently meet the challenges of a diverse and competitive world.

Our Mission

The mission of Little Champions Nursery is to provide a nurturing and caring environment in the early years of your child’s development phase. We provide the children from 2 months to 4 years a safe space of learning that makes them feel secure and valued.
We do this through various planned and engaging curriculum that focuses on physical, mental and emotional development of your child.
Children have daily access to a wide range of learning activities including creative play, constructions, role play and storytelling. Each child is special and is treated with utmost love and respect by the institute

Our Philosophy

We practice a super interactive and engaging curriculum called the ‘CURIOSITY APPROACH’. As the name suggests, this modified approach to learning pushes your child to explore, discover and learn new skills by indulging them in various sensorial experiences. It is sure to make your kids naturally inquisitive and sharp at cracking solutions.
Our effort is to recognize opportunities of curiosity, awe and wonder in every child.
Our eco-encouraging space enhances the learning capabilities of our children and is specially designed to provide a myriad of experiences that focus on boosting multiple aspects of growth of our young learners. Our multicultural nursery is a warm welcoming villa with the rooms designed keeping in mind the best for our children.

Our Approach

Little Champions Nursery has built a holistic & comprehensive approach that brings together the best of philosophies and pedagogies from various theorists. We do this by blending a series of approaches into each day’s learning.
We acknowledge your need and the importance of seeing your child bloom within a socio-cultural context, where knowledge is enhanced further as he/she has constant interpersonal as well as social interactions