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Children often bring various flavored drinks from home, which is okay to indulge in periodically, however since juice always tastes better than water, it gets difficult to instill good water drinking habits. Hence, we advise you to not send any flavored drinks with them to the nursery.
All children are encouraged to bring with them a reusable, unbreakable, non-glass water bottle which can be filled at any of our water stations. We do not offer juice, soda, cordials or other drink options to our children. For the older children, water is available for them to help themselves when thirsty; this promotes independence and self-help skills. For the younger children, water will be available and offered throughout the day alongside designated snack and mealtime accomplishments, depending upon the age and stage of development of the children.
All children will be encouraged by the staff to drink water throughout the day as part of our commitment to offering healthy food and drink options.

Milk Feed

Formula bottle feeds should be supplied, prepared and labelled by parents and brought to the Centre each day. They will be stored at the correct temperature until required. Bottles will be used and will be rinsed and sent home every evening for cleaning and sterilization. Parents are requested to send bottles of milk basis frequency of consumption, for e.g.: 1 bottle for each feed. Hence, for 3 milk feeds, provide 3 bottles.

Nut Allergy

Little Champions Nursery is a nut free zone. As the number of children with nut allergies is increasing, with parental support we aim to keep the nursery nut free. Parents are requested not to send any nuts or empty nuts packaging materials into the nursery.

Pork Free Zone

Little Champions Nursery is a pork free zone, keeping up with the local custom. Please do not bring anything into the nursery that is pork or contains pork products

Food Policy

Meal hours are an excellent opportunity for children to develop their social skills as well
as their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Please meet with your child’s teacher to discuss which feeding method suits your child best.

At Little Champions Nursery we passionately believe that good nutrition plays a vital role in children’s physical and mental development in early childhood days. Research supports the fact that it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development. To eliminate any possible life-threatening situations arising due to food allergies (including cross-contamination) and to stick by what we believe in (healthy food with a minimum amount of sugar and salt) we highly recommend parents to feed their kids home-made food only.

We highly recommend parents to send good nutritious food, we don’t appreciate junk food in the premises. We ask you to refrain from sending in food that is high on sugar or is considered generally unhealthy. Our nutritionist will keep a thorough check on the eating habits of our kids and will contact the parents in case any changes are required.

Lastly, we highly encourage kids to be more independent in their basic life activities, so we will be nudging them to eat by themselves without any support, if required as per the age group we are tackling. The quantity of food consumed by your child might increase or decrease, as per his/her stages of growing. However, until they settle fully, they may also eat substantially less. Stay assured that staff will do whatever they can to ensure your little one is fed well.We also ask for you to understand when a child refuses to eat. We do not force feed but do periodically attempt to feed so that your little one is not left hungry. With time, your child’s appetite cycle is sure to fall in place.