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Parents are requested to provide supplies of their preferred nappies and additional nappy changing materials. These will be stored and clearly labelled with each child’s name on it. When you are ready to potty train, please alert your child’s teacher so we can work alongside you. Parents are encouraged to bring a change of clothes when beginning to toilet train their child along with pull up pants/extra underwear. All children are treated with respect and have the right to dignity, privacy and support in all aspects of their care, especially their toileting. We shall work in partnership with each child and their parents, to ensure this level of quality continues. This will include ensuring the use of language is the same to maintain consistency with home and we acknowledge that this will vary between families.

Please note that we cannot accommodate potty training requests at the beginning of term and within the first 2 weeks of a child’s start date at the nursery. Transition and structure are key and will help make this a positive experience if it is planned to begin after the child has settled well in the nursery.

Please ensure you name all items as children often cannot recognize their clothes or end up getting confused as they have similar appearing belongings. In the event of an item being lost, there is a ‘Lost and Found’ box in the office. This is cleared out monthly so please check it on a regular basis to claim ownership of anything that belongs to you and your child.

In addition to this, as a best-case practice, we don’t allow any valuables or toys being carried into the nursery premises

Please provide your child with the following items to be kept at the nursery in their bucket/ bag.
Ensure all are clearly labelled with your child’s name on them:

  • Clothing- kids should be neatly dressed, with properly groomed hair, well cut nails, well fit slippers/shoes which they can wear by themselves. Spare clothes: 1-2 pairs underwear, 1 pair trousers/bottoms and 1 short sleeve shirt.
  • Water/outdoor play: sun hat and swimsuit/swim trunks, small towel and sun-cream
  •  Reusable water bottles for everyday use to be clearly labelled, this should be taken back home every evening

Children tend to get confused and carry unnecessary items to school which might prove to be either distracting or harmful to other kids in the class. Please thoroughly check your ward’s bag for the following things:
Medications, lotions & gels must NEVER be placed in a child’s bag. Should your child require any of these, it should be given directly to teachers or the nurse upon arrival.
Toys (except comforters) should not be brought to the nursery. Staff cannot uphold our safety standards for toys brought from home, nor can they secure small pieces.
Sharp items: Whilst we may be stating the obvious, objects must not be placed in your child’s bag. Nail clippers/ even toys with sharp edges are a hazard for little hands.
Small items: Please do not pack objects that are easy to swallow/choke on. It takes seconds for a little one to find it and pop it into their mouth!