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Our Groups

Fostering Curiosity and Inspiring Minds

Baby Room
2months - 1 year
Teacher Student Ratio
Maximum capacity
Tiny turtles
1 - 2 Years
Teacher Student Ratio
Maximum capacity
Active acorns
2 - 3 Years
Teacher Student Ratio
Maximum capacity
Cherry Cottage
3 - 4 Years
Teacher Student Ratio
Maximum capacity

On an average, for every 4 children, we have 1 assistant teacher, 1 support teacher, 1 nurse and 1 admin staff assigned, as per groups.

The Mixed Age Group Approach in Early Childhood Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of early childhood education, the “Mixed age group” approach stands out as a beacon of innovation and wisdom.

As an ardent practitioner of the philosophy, that children are naturally curious and eager to explore the world around them. The mixed age group approach beautifully aligns with this intrinsic curiosity, creating an environment where learning is a dynamic, collaborative adventure.

At LCN, our rooms are microcosms of society, where children of different ages coexist and learn from one another with the below values.

  • The environment is rich with opportunities for spontaneous learning and exploration.
  • The classroom transforms into a vibrant community where children engage in purposeful activities, developing not just academically but also emotionally and socially.
  • Allowing younger children to observe and learn from their older peers while providing the older ones with opportunities to reinforce their understanding through teaching.

Curiosity is the driving force behind the mixed age group approach. By placing children in an environment where they can explore a diverse range of activities at their own pace, this philosophy nurtures a sense of wonder and a genuine passion for discovery. The mixed age dynamic encourages a natural and organic flow of curiosity, as children are inspired not just by their teachers but by the fascinating journey of their peers.

This approach accommodates diverse learning styles such as:

  • Ensuring that no child is left behind or held back by a one-size-fits-all curriculum.
  • The older children, acting as mentors, often find joy in helping and guiding their younger peers, reinforcing their own understanding of concepts through teaching.
  • The cyclical exchange of knowledge and inspiration builds a sense of community and collaboration that extends far beyond the classroom.
  • Creates a vibrant, cooperative community where children are not just learners but also inspirers.

Each child progresses through the curriculum at their own pace, guided by their unique interests. This personalized approach ensures that every child receives the attention they need, fostering a love for learning that is not confined to textbooks but embraces the boundless realms of curiosity.

Here at LCN, it is a celebration of curiosity, inspiration, and the limitless potential of young minds! By immersing children in a diverse, collaborative, and dynamic environment, we empower them to become lifelong learners, compassionate individuals, and responsible members of society. It is a philosophy that not only prepares children academically but also instils in them the joy of discovery, the power of inspiration, and the resilience to navigate the complexities of the world with curiosity, confidence, resilience and wonder.