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Early Years of Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Children are encouraged to develop social skills and a positive disposition to learning through focus on personal, social, physical & emotional development, communication & language induction, mathematical development, literacy and arts & design exploration.

The Curiosity Approach

Curiosity approach, as the name suggests, pushes your child to explore, discover and learn new skills by indulging them in various sensorial experiences. This approach of learning is sure to make your kids naturally inquisitive and sharp at cracking solutions. Our effort is to recognize opportunities of curiosity, awe and wonder in every child.

Reggio Emilia Approach

Reggio Emilia approach places importance on listening to children; listening to every bit of their communication. Reggio Emilia approach articulates children to acquire skills of critical thinking and collaboration, skills needed to take them to their next learning journey. The interest areas of the child are then used and developed by the teacher, to plan and fuel a genuine desire to learn on the part of the child.


Children are given the best possible conditions to promote physical, social, emotional and intellectual development through focus on aspects from practical life experiences, sensorial development, language, mathematics, creative & social development

The Inspire Approach

It’s a unique, modern and progressive approach towards learning & generating keenness, by inducting the children into various aspects of nature.